Simple Photo History

Or Simphothis for short. Many of us Joomla users are using the wonderful Joomla system for blogging. Blogging can also include pictures or photos. You may be writing your articles through the standard Joomla editors or using an external tool. I use Windows Live Writer for this, that works perfectly for me and the solution is free.

After some time, there are enough photos to fill a few pages and it is nice to present a page with thumbnails of all pictures on the site.

Simple Photo History is a component that does just that. It is nothing fancy and should see some improvements over the next few weeks as my needs or desires for its presentation change.

Since I have no intention of uploading hundreds of pictures to this site for demonstration only I give you the link to where the pictures areĀ

The backend of the component is very simple: set the folder where you want to store the thumbnails, set the width of each thumbnail and how many you want per row, depending on your template.

Then set the order in which you want the thumbnails to appear and voila!

Now Reset the mosaic and the component will create thumbnails of all local images included in all your articles you have used for your blog. Point a menu to the component in the frontend and your visitors will have a nice mosaic with pictures. Each picture will point back to the original post where the picture was presented.

Additional thumbnails can be added by using the Add photos, Reset Mosais will destroy all thumbnails and re-create the mosiac. It is not necessary to re-create the mosaic if you only change the ordering. However, if you change the size of the thumbnails you need to recreate them, sounds logical, eh?

By default (as from v1.01) all images you have ever published will be shown. You can narrow it down by adding &categoryid=<your category id> to the url that points to your thumbnail page. Omitting the &categoryid=... part will simply display all images of your site.

And that's basically all it is. Room for improvement? Certainly! Let me know what you think in the forum and we can discuss it.

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